The production of a molded part starts with a drawing. It can be a hand sketch, a two-dimensional PDF file, or – best case – a 3D solid model.

Design Analysis
Once the drawing is completed it will go through a MoldFlow analysis to insure the product can be injection molded with optimal manufacturability. This step allows for any defects in the product design to be identified and resolved before a prototype is made.

Prototype & Testing
Once the design is approved and analyzed, a molded prototype is produced for testing. Making a prototype is the best way to insure that the molded part or parts will preform as intended.

3D Printing | Stereolithography (SLA)
3D printing and SLA services are offered for part evaluation, to test for fit forum or function.

Using our in-house 3D printer, we can offer clients SAME DAY services.

To find out more about designing and testing injection molded products, click here.

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