Mold Design

The production of a molded part starts with a drawing. It can be a hand sketch, a two-dimensional PDF file, or – best case – a 3D solid model.

Design Analysis
Once the drawing is completed it will go through a MoldFlow analysis to insure the product can be injection molded with optimal manufacturability. This step allows for any defects in the product design to be identified and resolved before a prototype is made.

Prototype & Testing
Once the design is approved and analyzed, a molded prototype is produced for testing. Making a prototype is the best way to insure that the molded part or parts will preform as intended.

3D Printing | Stereolithography (SLA)
3D printing and SLA services are offered for part evaluation, to test for fit forum or function.

Using our in-house 3D printer, we can offer clients SAME DAY services.

To find out more about designing and testing injection molded products, click here.

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Injection Molding

Size range: 1g – 60 oz.  

Injection Molding
Custom injection molding demands precision and consistency when manufacturing parts for our clients. Country Plastics’ state-of-the-art injection molding equipment, robotics, and software ensure that our processes meet these demands. Production is monitored in real-time by our ERP system, giving accurate lead-times, up-to date pricing, and quality customer service. Our injection molding machines range from a 1g – 60 oz. barrels, enabling us to offer low to high volume orders.

Insert Molding | Over Molding
Using injection molding, custom inserts can be produced in our shop to your specifications, or standard inserts can be purchased. Inserts are loaded by hand or with a robot into the mold, and then the plastic is injected going around or encapsulating the inserts into the part.

We process all commodity and engineered resins. For more information about materials available, please contact by clicking here, or by visiting and

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Sonic Welding
Using ultrasonic equipment, Country Plastics can weld a multitude of injection-molded items together. We have produced a wide variety of assembled componentry.

Pad Printing
We offer another layer of customization to our clients’ injection molded products with our pad printing services. Using up to three colors, we can add a logo, product information, safety instructions, or other artwork to the product.

Part Assembly
Part Assembly can be as small as a one-man operation or a large assembly line. From the simple to the complex, Country Plastics is able to handle the requirements from our clients. Our assembly process is designed to maintain the highest quality standards, while keeping our employees safe.

Warehouse & Fulfillment
Conveniently located in California’s Central Valley, Country Plastics is able to ship products quickly and efficiently to meet our client’s needs anywhere in the U.S. and internationally.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system enables us to store, track, and fulfill orders just-in-time to meet our client’s needs.

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