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“As a small non-profit with 33 employees we chose to bring the manufacturing of our plastic purple piggy banks back to the United States from China. We had been working directly with the manufacturer in China. Email communication was unreliable, there was the language barrier, no production during Chinese New Year, working with customs deadlines, delivery and a three month process from ordering to delivery. In 2017 we were unable to contact our manufacturer for three months so our Board of Trustees made the difficult choice to look for a manufacturer in the USA. After much research we found Country Plastics, about an hour from our office!

We were surprised to learn that the cost per pig wasn’t as high as we had originally thought it might be. We are now paying $2.87 per pig made in the USA versus $1.07 per pig manufactured in China. Although the cost per pig manufactured in China was almost one-third the cost, the ease of placing an order, convenience, and receiving delivery within two to three weeks is well worth the increase in cost. We own our mold, we know where it is located and have easy access to it. We visited Country Plastics, Inc. and were able to meet with the owner face to face. We couldn’t do that in China.

We also took this opportunity to redesign our pig. It used to have an opening on the bottom empty the pig. Pennies and dimes used to catch in the feet of the pig and made it difficult to remove the coins. We redesigned the pig to separate in half so that the Secretary of the Lodge could snap it easily apart and dump all the money and quickly snap it back together, saving time for all. It took about six tries to get the color and snapping mechanism correct, but we were able to deal with our manufacturer quickly and easily to solve this issue. In the last year we have seen tremendous growth in our Order. Where we used to order pigs every 18 months to two years, it has been only nine months and we need to place a full order again. This is a wonderful problem and now is easily accomplished. MADE IN THE USA – so wonderful!!! As a very patriotic organization, our members can now proudly say that their piggy banks are MADE IN AMERICA, which is engraved on the top of the pig for everyone to see!”

Charisce W.

“My company reached out to Country Plastics, Inc. regarding a project we were starting that needed to be injection molded. Jay, the president of Country Plastics, Inc., responded to our inquiry directly. We showed him our 3D printed prototype as well as our 3D computer models and he explained the process of injection molding and what we needed to modify on our model to make it suitable for this process, which was very helpful because we didn’t have any previous experience working with companies in the plastics industry. Jay and his team were always prompt and courteous in responding to the many questions that we had and guided us on what we needed to do to make our design suitable for injection molding and get a quote that fit our budget. Additionally, while we were working with a separate company to modify our CAD files appropriately, Jay and his team kept in touch with that company to make sure the final design would work with injection molding. As of writing this review, we have agreed on a quote and are moving forward with the production of the mold. Based on my experience so far, I would definitely recommend Country Plastics, Inc.”

Chango C.

“I brought my business to your company in hopes of getting a better quality product and improved customer service. Country Plastics has exceeded my expectations in both the quality of the product produced and the level of service that has been provided. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Country Plastics for any Injection Molding needs.”

Chris C.

“Country Plastics is a proactive and knowledgeable supplier who has helped improve our products through design and material suggestions. They are friendly and easy to work with as well.”

Eric s.

“I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We appreciate your efficient, great customer service and accountability you have demonstrated on our project, and the way you conduct business as a whole. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your services to us as one of our most reliable injection molding supplier.

We have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship.”

Quyen T.

“Our Company needed to build some new updated parts for our Filter Products and we sat down with Jay to go over what we were looking for. We actually received a 3D printed part samples the next day from Country Plastics.

His company’s team is Very Fast, Efficient and Affordable and Great to work with! If you need Plastic parts, believe me, this is the place to be!”

Mark M.

“Country Plastics is a top notch business with great attention to detail through unmatched quality, on time delivery and wonderful customer service. Jenny and Jay are a pleasure to deal with and consistently strive to meet our requirements ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Country Plastics for any plastic injection project.”

His company’s team is Very Fast, Efficient and Affordable and Great to work with! If you need Plastic parts, believe me, this is the place to be!”

Tyler M.

“I wanted to write a review to show how much I appreciated doing business with everyone at Country Plastics, Inc.

After dealing with another business in a neighboring town, the outcome was a major failure.

I then reached out to Jay at Country Plastics Inc., and he assured me in what I was wanting to achieve he would be able to deliver. Jay asked if I could bring him the failed dies from the previous company. Jay was able to modify the dies, and get the results I was looking for!

Since then Jay recommended that we have another set of dies made. During this process Jay had always kept me informed of timelines and dates, and the process went smoothly. The end result the product came out perfect.

The staff at Country Plastics Inc. are all extremely professional, I would recommend this company to anyone in the market for plastic moldings.”

Bill W.