Injection MoldinG

We process all commodity and engineered resins. For more information about materials available, please contact us, or by visiting www.ides.com and www.matweb.com.


Custom plastic injection molding demands precision and consistency when manufacturing parts for our clients. Country Plastics, Inc.’s state-of-the-art injection molding equipment, robotics, and software ensure that our processes meet these demands. Production is monitored in real-time by our ERP system, giving accurate lead-times, up-to date pricing, and quality customer service. Our injection molding machines range from a 110 ton 5 oz. to 400 ton 60 oz., enabling us to offer low to high volume orders.

Insert Molding | Over Molding

Using injection molding, custom inserts can be produced in our shop to your specifications, or standard inserts can be purchased. Inserts are loaded by hand or with a robot into the mold, and then the plastic is injected going around or encapsulating the inserts into the part.

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Mold Design
Biodegradable Injection Molding