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Central Plastics – Injection Molding. We’re a leading company at the forefront of the plastics industry, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products. With a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in providing cutting-edge plastic solutions for various industries. Centrally located in California, we’re able to meet the demand from surrounding areas with ease. From precision engineering to sustainable practices, our service is shaping the future of plastics with a focus on quality, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Explore the world of Central Plastics, where ingenuity meets integrity in every polymer.

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Using injection molding, custom inserts can be produced in our shop to your specifications, or standard inserts can be purchased. Inserts are loaded by hand or with a robot into the mold, and then the plastic is injected going around or encapsulating the inserts into the part.

Central Plastics – Injection MOlding

We process all commodity and engineered resins. Looking for the best central plastics, let us help! For more information about materials available, please contact us, or by visiting www.ides.com and www.matweb.com. Let us know if you need anything! 

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Why Injection Molding? Central Plastics – CA


The principal advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale production en masse. Once the initial costs have been paid the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low. The price also tends to drop drastically as more parts are produced. Other advantages include the following:

Injection Molding produces low scrap rates relative to traditional manufacturing processes like CNC machining which cut away substantial percentages of an original plastic block or sheet. This however can be a negative relative to additive manufacturing processes like 3D printing that have even lower scrap rates. Note: waste plastic from injection molding manufacturing typically comes consistently from four areas: the sprue, the runners, the gate locations, and any overflow material that leaks out of the part cavity itself (a condition called “flash”).

Injection Molding is very repeatable. That is, the second part you produce is going to be practically identical to the first one etc. This is a wonderful characteristic when trying to produce brand consistency and part reliability in high volume production.

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